10 Ways to Get FAT

May 21, 2013
  1. Eat more sugar.  If you are eating processed foods, don’t worry you are probably getting plenty.  Sugar or high fructose corn syrup is added to almost everything.  Feel free to eat white flour, bread, waffles, sugary cereals, baked goods, chips, granola and crackers.  These foods are easily converted to sugar.  If you are still worried that you aren’t getting enough, aim to drink more soda.  These things should all help with adding extra body fat.
  2. Skip breakfast.  By doing this you will be hungrier later so you will be able to make up for all those lost calories, and then some.  If you do eat breakfast, be sure to eat a bowl of cereal and juice.  Low in protein and fat and high in easily digestible carbohydrates, this is a great way to start your day off to get fat.  You will be hungry in just a few short hours and hopefully you will soon begin to feel the effects of low blood sugar, like problems focusing, a reduction in energy and an increase in irritability.  This can be an advantage as it will lead you to eat more high-carbohydrate snack foods.  Starting the day this way sets you up for a blood sugar roller-coaster, which will keep you snacking throughout the day and keep you on track with your fat gain goals.
  3. Sleep less than 7 hours each night.  Just think how much more time you will have!  Less sleep will probably increase your appetite and decrease your will power so it will be easier for you to fill up on more junk food.  Less sleep will even help you gain body fat without changing your nutrition habits and you won’t use up the fat stores you are trying to preserve.
  4. Avoid vegetables and fruit except in juice form.  If you are trying to get fat be sure you are not eating your produce.  Meet your vegetable and fruit needs through juice.  It is much more concentrated in sugar and doesn’t contain any fiber which may reduce your appetite.  Drinking lots of juice is a great way to increase your calories.  Focus on only using fruit juice to increase the amount of sugar per serving.
  5. Limit your healthy fat and protein intake.  Fat and protein have significant effects on appetite. They both contain essential nutrients for our health.  By avoiding these foods you are more likely to have an insatiable appetite.  People who eat them with each meal have a harder time overeating and may not have as much desire for carbohydrate rich or sugary foods.  When following a fat-gaining plan, it’s best to avoid these and place more emphasis on processed carbs.
  6. Avoid physical activity.  You won’t want to burn extra calories that may come from stored fat.  Be sure to park as close as possible, use the elevator every chance you get and stay away from any form of exercise.  Doing so will ensure you are able to keep your fat stores you have worked so hard for.
  7. Commit to a few more things. If you have any time left in your weekly schedule for relaxation, find a way to fill it.  By staying overcommitted you will have a harder time eating quality meals and fitting in exercise.  Over commitment will increase your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and will help tremendously with the accumulation of body fat.  It will also make sleep more difficult which is an added bonus.
  8. Avoid drinking water.  Don’t waste your stomach space with water, it doesn’t contain any calories.  Instead meet your fluid needs with high calorie beverages like juice, soda and sweetened sports drinks.
  9. Reward yourself after each workout.  If you are going to include exercise in your fat-gaining program be sure to reward your work.  Not doing so may thwart your fat accumulating goals.  Have a muffin, some chips or a bowl of pasta.  Most of these foods will have hidden sources of processed fats which will also help.
  10. Include processed, fast and junk foods.  Consuming liberal amounts of these foods will put you on the fast track for fat gain!  
If you are interested in reducing your body fat feel free to do the opposite of the above.

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