The Best Leg Toning Exercises

January 13, 2016



Step 1: Lean your back against a wall, making sure that your whole back is touching the wall. Your feet should be about two feet from the wall and about shoulder-width apart from each other.

Wall Sit

Step 2: Slowly slide your back down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Aim for a 90-degree angle. Keep your weight in the heels of your feet and make sure your knees are behind your toes. You should be able to tap your toes. Keep your back flat against the wall. If it starts to arch, slide up until the small of your back is touching the wall again.



Step 1:
Step one foot forward and come into a lunge. Look straight ahead with the shoulders dropped away from the ears.


Step 2:
Create 90-degree bends with both knees. The front knee must stay behind the toes. Drop the back knee as close as you can to the floor, making the back thigh vertical.

Lunge 2

Step 3:
Push through the front heel, squeezing the glute, to lift yourself up to stand. Bring the back leg to the front and lunge. Make sure your foot placement is consistent and you’re focusing on both knees bending, not just the front knee.

Incorporate these two exercise in your next leg workout.


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