2 Fruit Infused Detox Waters For Cleansing And Energy

May 18, 2016

These days, when we think of a ‘detox’ we may think of: Ten-day master cleanses, strict juice-only diets, and restrictive carb/gluten-free diets. But a detox doesn’t have to be a mad dash to the finish line.  Detoxification can be achieved slowly and steadily. It can easily be incorporated into our everyday routines.

By its role as the body’s natural purifier, replenisher, and hydrator, water is the easiest and most effective detoxification weapon. All functions of the body require water; a crucial component of the biological makeup of all human cells. Water flushes toxins out from organs. It provides an adequately moist environment for the ear, nose and throat tissues. Water enables the liver to metabolize stored fat quicker, giving our overworked kidneys a break. The oxygen in water carried from cell to cell helps build muscle and increase cognitive and nerve functions. Drinking water can help lose weight, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and maintain healthy skin and nails. Plain and simple: water detoxes, from the inside out.

BUT because water is boring,  it’s often 2nd choice next to other beverages,  juices, or otherwise exciting fizzy soda drinks. But water can be fun, too, and we’re here to show you how.

PicMonkey Collage main detox

By adding a few slices of fruit, or vegetable, into our daily intake of water, we can benefit the mind, body, and soul at the same time. Adding a few slices of whole fruits and vegetables increases minerals and vitamins that our bodies can easily and quickly consume, and at the same time are so delicious that we may find ourselves tricking our mind into drinking more water than we have in the past.

2 Detox Waters to Try Today:

PicMonkey Collage new lemonOrange, lemon,lime, ginger

Oranges aid with healthy blood circulation, lemons help aid digestion (and freshen breath), and ginger is a notorious immune system booster.

PicMonkey Collage rasberryCucumber, raspberry, grape

Cucumber is hydrating and flushes out toxins, Raspberries have anti-inflammatory properties, and grapes contain cancer-fighting and cleansing compounds.


4 responses to “2 Fruit Infused Detox Waters For Cleansing And Energy”

  1. Stacie Wylie says:

    Day 2 of fruit infused water. LOVE IT. My new evening beverage. #great #switch

  2. Jody Wojtasek says:

    I love cucumber, lime, orange, berry infused water Make a jug for the weekend. I need to try the weekday. the colder the better.

  3. Bernie Merono says:

    First drink in the morning before breakfast, a glass of warm water with a lemon juice, your liver will be grateful.

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