March 15, 2012
By:  Maria
Food Documentaries
We all look forward to some quiet time to enjoy a good movie or documentary at home. Even better, is if the documentary discusses a subject that can have an impact on our health regarding the food we eat.
The following documentaries should be on your list of must-see films. You will come away from these with a different perspective on the foods you may or may not be eating.
Probably one of the most eye-opening and thought-provoking documentaries on our food industry. You’ll probably never look at food the same way again – perhaps that’s what many people need. Did you know that about 70% of the hamburger found in your local grocery stores contain a meat filler product that is cleansed using ammonia?!
Food Inc. will show viewers some of the truths behind the food industry and the impact it is having on the environment and our health. P.S. Eat your meal prior to watching this film.
All is not entirely hopeless – the film discusses organic products more readily available (even @ Walmart!) and even covers topics such as growing food and feeding people while still creating a healthy environment – not destroying it.
This documentary, explores the prevalence of corn in the American diet and its effects. The film reveals how corn fuels the fast food industry, keeps the high-fructose corn syrup heavily-laden in many of the foods people eat and is what makes cows fat and sick. Presented in a humorous way via two best friends that decide to go to Iowa to grow an acre of corn in order to learn how our diets become inundated with corn.
This documentary is a must see for those that want to take control of their health and need information to begin that journey. The film discusses how the food we eat will do one of two things: hurt or help our health. You will learn some interesting facts about cancer, heart disease, the common drugs prescribed and their scary effects and vitamin mega-dosing via nutrition to cure diseases and disorders.

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