3 Tricks To Eliminate Stress

May 6, 2019

Nervous or Upset?  Walking Meditation

Get rid of nervous tension by inhaling as you take 3 to 4 steps, then exhaling for 3 to 4 steps. Repeat for at least three minutes (the longer, the better). Work up to six to eight steps per inhale and exhale.

Sitting Meditation

To recharge your mind and body, sit on the floor in a comfortable position.  Place your hands in your lap and start a timer for 3 minutes.  Choose one focal point.  It can be your breath, the emotion you are feeling (good or bad), or a physical sensation.  Any time your attention wanders, bring it back to your focal point until the 3-minute timer is up.

Body Tense? Try these stretches at your desk.
Neck Release

Draw your chin down toward the center of your chest.  Tilt your right ear to your right shoulder blade, and left ear toward your left shoulder.  Continue moving back and forth a few times, you can also take a few neck rolls if it feels okay.


Sit straight in a chair and place both feet flat on the floor. Exhale as you round your spine forward into a cow pose (top). Then inhale as you arch your back into a cat pose (bottom). Repeat for five more breaths.

Happy Monday!


Denise & Emily

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4 responses to “3 Tricks To Eliminate Stress”

  1. Peggy Rawlins says:

    I arrive at my desk a few minutes early so I can take time to breathe deeply for a few minutes. I focus on any part of my body that may need extra oxygen as I breathe, and then I exhale through the mouth. This extra oxygen into my body first thing gets my mind working and exhales out any old air and stress as well!

  2. Alicia Smith says:

    another good stretch is to raise arms slowly from your sides to above your head on inhale, bend over and touch your toes on exhale, then roll you spine slowly, stacking verterbrae with chin to your knees and chest until you are back upright. Repeat a few times, 5 minutes helps get the blood flowing again.

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