4 Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Healthy

June 24, 2015

You’ve stocked up on produce for the week and have made it a priority to reach 3-5 servings per day. This is great! But just because you are consuming several servings of veggies per day doesn’t necessarily mean you are receiving all the benefits. Especially if you are doing one (or more) of the following things:



This is one of the most common ways people decrease the health benefits of their vegetables. Not only does overcooking leave your veggies mushy and drained of color (so unappetizing), the heat destroys the majority of their nutrients.


Peeling Your Produce

One thing everyone does to their beautiful organic vegetables is peeling them before cooking. You place at least 33% of the vegetables valuable nutrients to the trash. Keep the skin on!


Using Too Much Oil

Eating produce can make you feel like you are doing something right, and you are definitely on the right track. However, if you use too much oil (as most of us do) you actually boost the caloric content, and you boost it quite a bit. Instead, try cooking your vegetables in water, vinegar, or vegetable broth. If nothing else; try to be mindful of how much oil you are using.



Microwaving might be quick and convenient, but it is one of the easiest ways to blast all of the healthy nutrients from your vegetables. Also, if you microwave food with plastic wrap you start to introduce toxins like BPA into your food. …Just use your oven. It might take 5 extra minutes.



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  1. Maureen Malley says:

    Good tips and reminders.

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