5 Principles for Lasting Happiness

March 6, 2013

If there is one thing that every single human being has in common, it is that we are all trying to figure out how to be happy and STAY happy.

Here are 5 timeless principles for lasting happiness:

1. Attend to negative emotions/thoughts. Don’t repress them or they will come back in the future. You are what you think.

2. Don’t get stuck in a fixed viewpoint. There are a million ways to see the same thing, so take a step back and look at something from the perspective you are most used to.

3. See the positive vs. negative side of things. Or focus on the negative, how is that working out for you?

4. Let go of expectations. Expectations lead to disappointment. Focus on intentions instead. Move forward.

5. Don’t think “What if” instead think “Right now”. Don’t live in fear or in the past. Be present, be available; see and think clearly.

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