5 Reasons to Run a 5K on Thanksgiving

November 12, 2014

Even if you feel like you can’t add anything extra to your agenda on Thanksgiving Day, a 5K is well worth the extra time & effort. 
Here’s why:
1.      It’s healthy tradition for your family.  Studies show that children are 15 times more likely to escape obesity if their parents lead by example.  Cultivating a life of healthy eating and exercise can start with healthy traditions.  
2.      It’s Thanksgiving.  You will probably eat too much.  Because you will probably eat more than normal, be proactive and burn some calories prior to the feast. 
3.     It’s for a good cause.  The purpose of Thanksgiving is to show gratitude and give thanks.  The majority of 5K marathons donate all proceeds to a good cause.
4.      YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUN.   No need to feel intimidated about runninga 5K.  50% of participants walk most 5K marathons.  You can walk the entire time and still receive health benefits.
5.      Walking & running is good for your health.  Moving the body does wonders for digestion, circulation, and energy levels.  You need the body to work at an optimum level to handle starchy foods, extra sugar, and of course, your in-laws!

Find a 5K in your area and sign up today!  

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