5 Ways to Re-set a Bad Mood

February 7, 2013
I think that most of us consider ourselves to be generally happy people, but sometimes life comes at you, and it can come hard.

It’s normal to experience struggle. It is normal to have challenges with other people or circumstances that come our way. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a few tricks to get out of the bad mood funk?

Here are a few easy ways to get out of a bad mood, and back into happiness and joy.

Force Yourself To Think About Something Good. Gratitude fixes everything. I know, so cliché. But this is cliché for a reason. Thinking about things you are grateful for will always bring you into the light. Think about the people you love, or the food you have to eat- if this is too big to wrap the brain around, think about how lucky you are to be a part of the 7%-9% of the world’s population that even has access to a COMPUTER.

Take A Shower. If you have never tried this- it may sound too easy to work, but it does.

Breathe. Let’s talk science. When you stress your body goes for a ride- breath becomes labored, heart rate increases, muscles tighten, and cortisol is released. Slowing breath sends your body a message that says, “I can relax.” Silence your mind by focusing on your breath. Breathe slow, breathe deep, and allow your exhales to be longer than your inhales.

Wallow. Okay, maybe wallow is the wrong word here. The point I am trying to make is major healing can happen when you embrace your bad mood. Experience your anger, irritation, and annoyance with no resistance. But here is the most important part- once you feel it, put it in a big ball; give it a kiss and LET IT GO.

Practice Yoga! Okay, being a yoga teacher I admit, I am totally biased. But my days before yoga were a lot more chaotic and a lot less harmonized. Practicing yoga is about finding balance between body, mind, and spirit. So give yourself an hour to take care of YOU and reap the precious rewards.

Remember, your natural state is peace and happiness. Take care of yourself.

~Love & Light

Coach Mikalyn

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