9 Foods Fit People Love

September 24, 2014
Do you ever wonder which foods really fit people eat?  While nutrition varies from person-to-person, I’ve found these 9 foods to be consistent finds in their meal plans.
Almonds:Good fats, lots of fiber, and plenty of antioxidants.  Also a great snack if you want to lower your cholesterol.
Eggs:Rich in protein and vitamin B12.  Not to mention the things you can do with eggs are never ending.  An over-easy egg is yummy on just about any hearty dish.
Fish:Again, a wonderful protein dish.  Low in fat and contains important minerals like zinc, selenium, and iron. Not to mention fish contains omega-3 “AKA” magic for your nails, skin, and hair.
Cottage cheese: Low in calories and carbohydrates, high in protein.  One serving of cottage cheese contains about 9% of your recommended calcium intake.
Oatmeal:A perfect breakfast dish.  7g of protein per cup and loaded with fiber.

Hummus:  I love a good snack that actually fills me up. Add some hummus to your mid-day vegetable snack and it will hold you off until dinner.  It’s also full of fiber and good fats.
Avocados:  REALLY GOOD FAT.  People are afraid of avocados because they hear “loaded with good fat” and get scared.  Avocados are packed with potassium, fiber, vitamins C, B6, & K.  Don’t be afraid.
Air-popped popcorn: Super yummy snack for those individuals who enjoy something on the salty side.  Skip the pre-buttered microwave popcorn and go for something that skips the unhealthy oils.  Sprinkle a little salt and wallah!






Dark chocolate: Full of antioxidants, minerals, & vitamins.  Lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of stroke and type-2 diabetes.  Yes, chocolate really does this.  However, BE WARNED. You need at least 70% cocoa in order to receive the benefits.

Try adding these to your next grocery list.  I hope this helps! 

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  1. I love these! I already eat most all of this regularly! Need more chick peas for hummus! Gotta find a good dark chocolate.

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