Age, Is It Just A Number

April 15, 2016

You really are only as old as you feel: Study finds that believing you are younger than you actually are is the key to a long life. How we work, sleep, spend our leisure time and even think about aging all play a role in how old we feel. Listen to today’s podcast for tips and advice, and motivation to help you look and feel younger…after all age is just a number.



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4 responses to “Age, Is It Just A Number”

  1. Blake Draper says:

    I’m 32, and I feel like I’m 32. I’m a little older and wiser than I was in my 20s. I really wish I could have my 20s metabolism back though. I exercise much more than I used to and yet still struggle to maintain an ideal weight.

  2. Peggy Rawlins says:

    I have always felt young until I started having issues with my joints. I had to give up running and try other types of exercise that were easier on me. I have really struggled with getting back to a better weight for me as well. This made me start feeling older. I may be over 60, but my mind says I am still in my 40’s, so instead of giving in, with your encouragement, I am going to keep thinking and acting young! I believe Life is meant to be lived, loved, and enjoyed as long as I have another minute ahead to make my own.
    Thanks Denise and Emily!

  3. Harmony says:

    I love the mantra, it’s my new “words to live by”. As you know this is something I’ve been struggling with too, but you guys put a different perspective on it and I really need to implement into my life.

  4. Jon Lindsey says:

    This podcast is great. It had good advice on how to have the right mindset that will help you feel younger and age well.

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