All Good Things Take Time

April 27, 2021

No matter your goal, all healthy lifestyle journeys need consistency and dedication. This is so you can experience the benefits, see the results, and form new habits. We believe that meal prep, or eating a wholesome diet from all five food groups, is just as important as exercising. With this in mind, don’t throw in the towel if it doesn’t work the first time. Instead, find out why it’s not working and adapt and adjust along the way.

There are bound to be challenged whenever you start something new, especially when it involves something you do several times each day — like eating and drinking. The food you eat must be clean and nutritious in order to jumpstart your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. The 80/20 rule is a nutrition guide that outlines how to eat clean, learn proper portion control, and follow a healthy eating plan. CLICK HERE to download the 80/20 guide.

Think of whole foods as minimally processed foods that still resemble their original natural state. Nothing artificial has been added to it, and nothing has been taken away.

Some good examples are:

Fruit and Vegetables Eat these whole foods: fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, unsalted nuts. Avoid or reduce these processed foods: fruit or vegetable juices, fruits canned in a heavy syrup, fruit snacks/fruit roll-ups, veggie or potato chips, salted/seasoned nuts.


Eat these whole foods: fresh lean meats, fresh fish/shellfish, eggs. Avoid or reduce these processed foods: bacon, sausages, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, hot dogs, deli meats like ham and salami.


Eat these whole foods: whole milk, plain yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese. Avoid or reduce these processed foods:  ice cream, processed cheese (individual slices plastic-wrapped), and sweetened yogurt.


Eat these whole foods: Brown rice, rolled oats, quinoa, amaranth, barley, buckwheat, millet, whole wheat, spelled. Avoid or reduce these processed foods: white bread, white pasta, commercially produced baked goods, crackers.

If you’re traveling for work or taking clients out to lunch, don’t let dining out stress you out.

Stick to these tips:

  • Choose 4 ounces of the leanest protein choices (boneless skinless chicken breast; fish; or lean cuts of beef and pork. Choose chicken breasts (white meat) over chicken thighs (dark meat).
  • Skip starchy carbohydrates (mashed potatoes, white rice, pasta) and opt for double veggies instead.
  • Look for foods that are steamed, broiled, baked, or grilled, and limit fried and sautéed items or foods described as “crispy,” “rich,” or “au gratin.”
  • If you’re really “in it to win it,” order your meal dry (no oil, no butter).
  • When in doubt, choose lean skinless chicken or grilled fish with salad greens or steamed vegetables, which you can find almost anywhere.
  • Drink at least 1 glass of water before your meal hits the table. Avoid the bread basket like the plague!
  • Look up the menu online before you arrive at the restaurant so you can plan your order in advance. This avoids making a poor impulsive decision!

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Be sensible, eat mostly whole foods, and follow these tips if you get stuck. Taking small steps towards implementing these principles and being consistent over time, you’ll find that you have achieved your overall goals.

Salus Team!

3 responses to “All Good Things Take Time”

  1. Vicki Coon says:

    I am liking the recipes! I have made them for my husband and myself (I’m letting him have bread, pasta, etc.) and he is liking the new spices. The meals are filling! Thanks

  2. Harmony Young says:

    Loving all the food. Every meal I’ve made has tasted so go and has been filling too! Thanks, Denise!

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