All or Nothing Approach

April 20, 2018
We say you need to let go of the all or nothing approach. We say if you’re constantly obsessing over food or your diet, by labelling everything as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, you need to stop. Now! Put down the yo-yo and find a healthy peaceful relationship with food.
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Denise & Emily


2 responses to “All or Nothing Approach”

  1. Pari Mistry says:

    So relatable! Thanks for being real!

  2. Kaylynn Lindholm says:

    I needed this today! This is so hard for me. Thanks for sharing your personal stories it gives me hope. I was starting to think about going back in the crazy diet mode. Instead I am going to refocus on the basics…whole foods and the energy they give me. The hardest thing for me is letting go of the guilt and getting rid of the “should” and “shouldn’t” lists. Something I am working on telling myself is “it is okay I can have a bite or even 10 but I can stop” that has helping me to tame the all or nothing monster.

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