Almonds and Omega 6’s

June 19, 2011
We all love the ease, portability and convenience of almonds, right? Problem is, many people are eating these nuts all the time, by the fistful and at frequent intervals. Why is that a problem?
Almonds contain a decent amount of Omega 6’s and also anti-nutrient properties in the form of phytic acid/phytates – two things we would be smart to try avoiding, especially if we already have pro-inflammatory conditions (autoimmune issues, joint pain/aches, cardiovascular concerns).
In the U.S., we consume an inordinate amount of Omega 6’s (processed foods, liquid industrial and over processed vegetable oils – if you eat at any restaurant, this is what you consume!) and very little Omega 3’s (salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies), which leads to a pro-inflammatory condition, contributing to any number of chronic diseases (cardiovascular!)
The two best ways to reverse those issues are simple: reduce omega 6’s and increase omega 3’s.
Many of us are already savvy to the removal of processed foods in order to reduce our omega 6’s, but how many of us monitor the amount of nuts we consume daily? 
Almonds/nuts can be a healthy part of your nutrition, just keep them in check or choose a nut like macadamia, which contain less omega 6 than almonds.
To your health!

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