Balsamic Infused Strawberry Salad

July 26, 2011
By:  Maria
Sure, I like the warm temps, sunny skies and tropical vacations. That’s not the real reason why I love summer, though.
All the best flavors come out during the summer months.
Fresh fruits, vegetables and the combination thereof, are unmistakably the foods I crave during the hot summer months!
This is one of those recipes – nothing speaks more of summer-flavors than a fresh strawberry salad!
Easy to make with minimal ingredients. You can even add leftover chicken for a complete meal.
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Strawberries, sliced (rinsed properly!)
Macadamia nuts (or any variety of nut – you can even toast for added flavor)
Baby Spinach (rinsed properly!)
Ok, here is where you are going to have to experiment all by yourself (you can do it). The portions are entirely up to you. I will give you the how-to:
Mix together balsamic and olive oil in bowl or ziploc until thoroughly combined. Add sliced strawberries and mix until completely covered and let sit for up to an hour in fridge (the longer they marinate in the mixture, the more the strawberry flavors emerge!).
Dump baby spinach in a large serving platter or individual plates and top with marinated strawberries and nuts.
The end.

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