“Be You” Challenge Announcement

March 16, 2015

Challenge Instruction


The winner will earn a $25 Whole Foods Gift Card!  All participants will earn 10 points to their monthly total.


How to update your SalusPeople profile image:



  1. Log in to saluslifestyles.com
  2. Hover your mouse on the top right corner of your home page where “Howdy, (your name)” is listed
  3. Select “edit my profile”
  4. Scroll to bottom of page under “Avatar” and click on “choose image”
  5. Select file from computer or upload new photo by taking a photo and click “select” in bottom right corner
  6. After photo has been changed or updated select “update profile”

20 responses to ““Be You” Challenge Announcement”

  1. Taylor Brown says:

    My profile pic is me running the American Fork Canyon Half Marathon last year. Can’t wait to do it again this year!

  2. Monilee Pearson Conrad says:

    I love attending BYU basketball and football games with family.

  3. Chandler Harding says:

    I chose a picture of my daughter and I doing her favorite form of exercise, yoga just like her mother. We are both in the pose downward facing dog. She may have better form than me.

  4. Becky Brown says:

    My pic is a quilt I made for a family member last year. I love to quilt, it’s my therapy. It’s fun to work on and then I have a great piece when I’m done.

  5. Andi Groen says:

    I love the snow, so snowshoeing this year for the first time was a feather in my cap! My ridiculous outfit didn’t sway me from snowshoeing in the moonlight at Wasatch Mountain State Park in January.

  6. Debra Robinson says:

    My favorite time is hanging out with my little guy. We put on ‘dance with Barney’ and cut up the rug for our exercise time.

  7. Portia Dobbins says:

    My profile picture was me last week doing a killer workout, now more then ever in my life i am dedicated to fitness and the gym. i love working out! its truly become a passion for me and i cant wait to see all my progress

  8. Savannah Smith says:

    The photo I chose is me at a Crossfit competition. I chose this photo because I love how lifting heavy weights makes me feel 🙂

  9. Mikalyn Paulson says:

    I updated my picture to something that represents me as a yoga teacher. I love to empower people to empower themselves, yoga is a wonderful avenue to get there.

  10. Diane Wheeler says:

    I updated my picture to a picture from my half marathon run last year. I enjoy running and this was a big accomplishment for me.

  11. Brandee Thomas says:

    I updated my picture to a photo of my fiance and I golfing for my very first time. He challenges me to get out and try new things. Creating a life and family with him is my greatest joy.

  12. Theresa Foster says:

    I chose this picture because it is who I am outside of work. This was last summer with my two of our rescue dogs Herky and Hayden ( AKA “The Black Dogs”) with their ribbons after the Splash Dog finals at Draper Days. In the summer our world revolves around dog sport competitions and keeping the dogs in competition shape. They are sponsored by FitPaws/DogTread ( Ball Dynamics in the human world ). By working to keep them in shape it also keeps me motivated and active!

  13. Sarah Miskin says:

    Ballroom dancing has become such a big part of my life. I love all that I’ve learned and who I am have become through it all. That competition floor is easily becoming one of my favorite places to be.

  14. Robert Johnson says:

    I love doing stained glass.

  15. Randy White says:

    My son is teaching me “fly fishing”. An old dog can learn “new tricks”!

  16. Kaylynn Lindholm says:

    My profile picture is of “the girls”. I love walking them and teaching them tricks. This is a picture of them at Wheeler Farm…right after we got Abby.

  17. Brittney Sheldon says:

    I updated my profile picture with a picture of my puppy Gunner! I love going on hikes and walks with him. He’s a little stinker but I love him!

  18. Mary Newman says:

    My picture is my world….I love being grandma and going on walks and plaing at the park with these hoolagans!

  19. Steven Lindholm says:

    I chose this picture of me, Daisy and Abby. I love my dogs….This picture is of us resting after we played on an agility course. I also chose this picture because it was one of the first pictures I could see that exercising and eating better was making a difference.

  20. Scott says:

    My profile pic is me with my children. Spending quality time with them. Need to do activity based stuff instead of spectator stuff.

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