Beat Fatigue

July 30, 2014

I hate feeling groggy during the day. I’m super busy with my work, a baby, and keeping up with my yoga practice. I don’t have time to be tired!!! So when I feel that little fatigue monster sliding in I have a few tricks up my sleeve to battle it off. And they are QUICK.

Say it with me, “Peppermint”
Drink it, eat it, sniff it… okay don’t sniff it- but smell it. Peppermint works like magic when you are battling fatigue.

“Peppermint increases alertness and decreases fatigue so we’re better able to direct our attention.”
American Journal of Psychology

You can brush your teeth, pop a mint, drink some peppermint tea, smell some oil, but seriously try one of these things. I can almost guarantee it will do something for you.

One of the cheapest ways to battle fatigue. Drink a glass of water. Fatigue is one of the first signs that you are dehydrated. Water will also flush out any toxins that your body is working to fight off. So drink up!

Move It or Lose It.
This is another free and easy way to get a pick-me-up. Although you might look like a lunatic. Chances are you feel slightly lethargic right now. (Most Americans report feeling tired/lethargic 75% of their day, everyday.) In my opinion, this is the most enjoyable way to beat the tired monster. Follow these three simple steps:

1. Stand up

2. Start to jog in place moving your arms

3. Shake your head around simultaneously

For the record, I found the “Move It or Lose It” tip on americanhealth.gov.  If they suggest something like this it must work right?  Try it right now and tell me if I’m wrong. If it doesn’t work for you I will post an embarrassing video of myself doing this exercise.

Wake up and enjoy!

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  1. Sarah Miskin says:

    I think I want to see the video anyways 😉

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