16 March 2018
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Morning Energizer Essential Flow

16 March 2018, Comments: 0

Stretch the entire front and the back of the body, build strength and boost energy levels with this full body energizing flow. This simple…

14 March 2018
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Roasted Chicken Dijon

14 March 2018, Comments: 2

One dish meal using basic kitchen staples? My favorite stress-free way to cook! Chicken thighs provide a tender, melt in your mouth result that…

12 March 2018
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WEEK 9- Peaceful Warrior

12 March 2018, Comments: 0

Peaceful Warrior Team Task: Participate in the peaceful meditation activity to help your inner warrior diffuse stress and body tension all while calming the warrior…

7 March 2018
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Butternut Squash Soup

7 March 2018, Comments: 2

Nothing better than an easy, hot bowl of hearty soup on a cold day!  You can make this in the slow cooker or, if…

5 March 2018
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Week 8 – Warrior Challenge

5 March 2018, Comments: 8

Battle of the Plateau We’ve all been there.  Whether we’re trying to lose weight, add muscle, or even develop a new skill, we all…

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