Breakfast Protein Waffles

September 13, 2017
These are LOADED with protein and so good for you. It is sometimes really hard to get in the protein we need every day, especially when you are on the go.  These protein waffles are a triple win!!
Here’s what you’ll need: CLICK HERE for the printable recipe card.
1/2 c Kodiak Cakes Protein pancake mix
 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/3 c water
2 Tbsp fat free cottage cheese
1 egg
2 slices turkey bacon, cooked
Pure maple syrup
Make waffles by mixing Kodiak Cakes and pie spice with water and bake in waffle griddle; set aside.*
Mix egg and cottage cheese together until blended and scramble in a heated cast iron skillet; set aside.
Make a breakfast sandwich by placing egg mixture on a slice of waffle, topping with a slice of Turkey bacon and placing another slice of waffle on top. (Cutting the entire waffle into quarters makes perfectly manageable portion sized sandwiches!)
Optional, but oh-so-good:
Drizzle with some pure maple syrup (or, if you’re watching your carbs, choose a low calorie syrup).
*Tip: Whenever I make waffle sandwiches of any kind, I pop then in the toaster to make them a little crispy so they will hold their shape well – especially if I’m dipping my sandwich in some maple syrup!
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