Can Vinyasa Yoga Make Me Fit?

June 13, 2016

vinyasa flow pic

At this point everyone has heard of yoga, but too many people think that it’s just a good way to increase flexibility and relax. In reality, yoga can encompass a lot more than a few stretches and deep breathing exercises.

There are many styles of yoga, and some of them are more focused on relaxation. Vinyasa yoga, on the other hand, focuses on finding relaxation and endurance within more rigorous movement sequences. The word “vinyasa” means “breath synchronized by movement,” and this type of yoga is sometimes called “vinyasa flow” because of the way all the poses flow together with the breath.

Vinyasa yoga can get you sweating just as much as if you were in a sauna, get your heart pumping as though you were hiking up a hill, and make your muscles work as much as any weight lifting sequence.

Here are some of the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga:


If you want to try this kind of yoga for yourself, here is a simple and quick video to get started.

Start with the right leg making sure you repeat the sequence on your left leg. You can continue moving back and forth to create a cardio workout, resting in child’s pose when needed.



3 responses to “Can Vinyasa Yoga Make Me Fit?”

  1. Peggy Rawlins says:

    Beautiful as well as wonderful exersize!

  2. Becky Brown says:

    I’m glad she didn’t catch her hair on fire!

  3. Harmony Young says:

    Love this vinyasa. You make it look like a dance, Emily! So graceful. Love the song too! Do you know the name of it?

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