Candy Land

January 12, 2018

Most of us could stand to cut back on sugar, but speaking from experience, this is not an easy thing to do! Sugar can be extremely addictive, AND extremely debilitating. Check out today’s blog for reasons why you should stop eating sugar. Let us help you break your sugar addiction with mind over matter tricks because let’s face it, winning the weight loss game involves more than just your body. Your mind—meaning how you think and talk to yourself—plays a big part in how successful you’ll be. A pile of new research shows that “mind over matter” really is true. So tune in and discover how to cut that sugar addiction once and for all!



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Denise & Emily

2 responses to “Candy Land”

  1. carley Sherry says:

    Agreed! When I can cut the sugar addiction, I automatically lose weight and my blood pressure decreases.

  2. Roy Lindhardt says:

    Absolutely! If we don’t really believe in our mind that we are going to make it we’re not going to make a change.

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