8 August 2018
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Awaken Meditation

8 August 2018, Comments: 0

It’s time to get your zen on with our 3-track meditation album. Throughout the years of practicing meditations we have witnessed all kinds of […]

22 April 2018
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HITT Workout Freebie

22 April 2018, Comments: 0

Burn Baby Burn!! We’ve put together our top 5 HITT workouts that will rev your metabolism long after you leave the gym, KEY to […]

23 January 2017
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Training Guide

23 January 2017, Comments: 7

Let’s start this week off right! The Salus Team is excited to introduce the ultimate training guide. As you work on maintaining clean eating, […]

15 January 2017
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Food Guide

15 January 2017, Comments: 10

 So excited you stop by to visit us. I can’t wait for you to have access to our food guide.   Thai Baked Salmon […]