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13 July 2018
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Body Shamming

13 July 2018, Comments: 0

Why are we idolizing certain body types? Why are we criticizing people for being too skinny or too fat? Don’t let what you see…

25 April 2018
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Your Mind at Work

25 April 2018, Comments: 0

Everyone faces challenges at work at some point, some more serious than others; but knowing how to overcome those challenges is key to succeeding…

23 April 2018
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4 Foods To Lower Your Cholesterol

23 April 2018, Comments: 0

If you suffer from high cholesterol or if your friends/family members have high cholesterol this post is for you. Diet is one of the…

18 April 2018
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Adrenal Fatigue & Cortisol Management

18 April 2018, Comments: 1

Feeling Empty?  Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms, which result in the adrenal glands functioning below the necessary level. What is the primary…

13 April 2018
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Tree of Life Imagery Exercise

13 April 2018, Comments: 2

Imagery isn’t just a mental experience that occurs in your head, but rather impacts you in every way: psychologically, emotionally, physically, technically, and tactically.…

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