Chocolate Cream Almond Bites with Mlis

November 2, 2016
Its time for a sweet treat!

An easy snack to make that completely satisfies chocolate cravings! Get ready for a delicious dessert that boast tons of health benefits thanks to antioxidant, Mlis Chocolate Protein and a bit of healthy fats to balance the sweetness from the dates.



12 bites


1/3 – cup raisins
1/2 – cup whole dates, pitted
3/4 – cup almonds, unsalted
2   – scoops chocolate cream mlis Protein (find in salus store)
3   – Tbsp almond butter
1   – Tbsp honey
1 –  pinch sea salt


STEP 1: Chop dates and place them into a food processor along with raisins. Process until you have a paste-like consistency.
STEP 2: Add fruit mixture to a bowl and process nuts separately.  You want almonds to be finely chopped.

STEP 3: Add the just pulsed almonds to the bowl with fruit paste along with remaining ingredients. Knead mixture together with clean hands and roll into ½-1″ inch snack balls. Roll in crushed almonds, coconut flakes or chocolate chips for added topping. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to set.












Emily & Denise
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6 responses to “Chocolate Cream Almond Bites with Mlis”

  1. Kaylynn Lindholm says:

    Sounds delicious…I might eat all 12 at once though.

  2. Bailey Nielson says:

    Looks delicious, ladies! I love adding a bit of sea salt to things like this, it makes a big difference in the flavor.

  3. Collette says:

    They sound amazing were do you get the chocolate cream?

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