May 14, 2013
Recently we’ve all heard how great coconut oil is for your health but I bet you haven’t tried all of these creative ways to use coconut oil:

An all-over body moisturizer for you, your kids, babies & even pets!

All natural eye make-up remover.

A spoonful a day can boost your metabolism, improve digestion and even help with migraine headaches!

Soothes rough skin on elbows, knees or the heels of your feet.

Rub it on houseplants to make their leaves shine without chemicals.

Great oil to cook with when using high heat, it’s tastes great when sautéing bitter greens!

Use in place of butter or oil on your popcorn.

Excellent massage oil – not too greasy and you smell great too!

Over-night conditioner – massage a small amount into your hair before bed, especially on the ends and comb through. Wash out in the morning.

Use in place of cooking oils in baking. Your friends will beg for the recipe

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