Competitive Spirit

September 18, 2015

Competition is life. Our competitive spirit can drive us to accomplish great things. Good competition has the ability to build strong individuals and resilient teams. But whether you win or lose, it’s important to lead by example, inspire, and motivate others. See your competitors as an opportunity to grow and become better. Share your knowledge with others to raise the bar. Instead of focusing on being better than others, focus on creating a better version of yourself.


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3 responses to “Competitive Spirit”

  1. Barbara Romney says:

    Need this today!

  2. Alicia Smith says:

    As Monica from Friends would say “In your FACE last year me!” Taking the time to recognize how far I have come in areas I couldn’t have imagined before now is satisfying. There’s always more to do, but a pat on the back now and again for making progress is nice.

  3. Jody Wojtasek says:

    Competition is life, my sprit always thrives to be cheering for all not just the winner. Life is Love, Joy, Compassion live on……………………………

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