Culture of Compassion

January 6, 2017

Is Compassion needed in the workplace? Is it great for a person’s life at home right? But what about having compassion at work? Many in our culture today would say that compassion has little or no place in the workplace environment. Despite this mindset, that exists there are cited studies that provide a mountain of evidence to the contrary.



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4 responses to “Culture of Compassion”

  1. Roy Lindhardt says:

    I absolutely agree that compassion in the workplace is a lost art here in America and seen as a weakness. Yet, time and time again, compassionate people are seen in the public eye as the greatest in each profession. Look at all of the public awards handed out to teachers, policemen and even military. They are always for being compassionate! And yet being in the military you actually paid to shoot at people and help out in stressful situations and yet they are seen as going above and beyond their duty for being compassionate. I think it can totally apply to sales people, I think they would see their sales increase exponentially if they would incorporate a culture of compassion instead of pushiness. Compassion is, in my mind, the difference between a manager and a leader.

  2. Jody Wojtasek says:

    compassion brings harmony to the work place. It’s my second favorite word. Joy is my first.
    Thanks for the subject.

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