David Johns On The Podcast!

April 10, 2019

We are so excited about our guest! Join us and get to know David Johns, or Dave as Denise likes to call him. David shares with us some of his biggest obstacles he’s had to overcome, as well as his accomplishments. Find out what Total Health and Fitness is all about and how they are changing lives. Also, you don’t want to miss his Yoda impression.

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To be eligible for the raffle you must leave a comment below. David talks about some of his biggest struggles and how he overcame them. Tell us what has been one of your biggest struggles and what things helped you overcome it.

-Denise and Emily


61 responses to “David Johns On The Podcast!”

  1. Becky Brown says:

    Eliminate the first 8 minutes please. This is a workplace. We don’t have time to listen to you guys giggling and playing silly games.
    I struggle to get the strength to make permanent changes.

    • Denise Carter says:

      Life can be overwhelming and stressful in the workplace. Our job is to find ways to help you have fun, get healthy and enjoy life. One of the best ways to combat stress is through laughter. Feel free to fast forward the first 8 mins.

  2. Wendy Foxley says:

    David your an awesome speaker. After you told your story you have made hopefully all of us see how you wake up everyday with Determination and I feel you go to bed with Satisfaction.

    I hope everyone sees after listening to this that slow progress is better than no progress.

    Thanks to David and also Thanks to Emily and Denise

  3. Debra Robinson says:

    Here’s my biggest struggle. Everyone talks about ‘healthy’ eating. What exactly is that? Organic or conventional? Vegan or Keto? Dairy or no dairy? Gluten or gluten free? Low fat or low carb? I realize we’re all different, but can some please just tell me what healthy eating is? 🙂

  4. Lauren Belz says:

    Loved the message/idea of tying motivation to emotion!

  5. Kristi Higgs says:

    I struggle to find the motivation in the morning to wake up and exercise. It is easy for me to decide to do things during the day, but when push comes to shove, I just really like sleep!

  6. Randy White says:

    Very interesting, the podcast is.

    When, I realize that I’m struggling with something, I make a deliberate effort to watch people around me and how they face or cope with struggles. Their good attitude, determination and/or patience gives me courage to keep trying as well.

  7. Roxanne Snell says:

    I loved the “would you rather” choices of according to my calculations or just kidding. Growing up, I would always say just kidding at the end of everything I said when talking to my siblings. Eventually, they got tired of it and would respond with “good thing you were just kidding, because I thought you were serious.” Eventually I stopped. haha. Looking back at that now, makes me realize that I was super shy, unsure of myself and lacked confidence. I have overcome the lack of confidence by getting out of my comfort zone often and not paying any attention to what people may think or say about me.

  8. Amanda Lancaster says:

    I struggle with how the term “healthy” changes based on who you are talking to in the moment. I feel like I could go out and talk to 5 different certified nutritionists and dietitians and be told 5 different ways on how to be healthy that all seem to contradict each other. What is the solution for this? Are we supposed to just pick one, stick with it and disregard the others?

  9. Ross Hendricks says:

    Interesting backgroud of his company.

  10. Gina Swensen says:

    I enjoyed hearing how he uses visualization techniques and even pushes the image out further, by putting a plan into motion to achieve his goal. He is really committed to what he is doing and that is his main component of success.

  11. Peggy Rawlins says:

    I appreciated his comment about visualizing a goal and associating emotion with your decisions about eating. Thanks for the tips!

  12. Cindy Hennefer says:

    According to my calculations…I struggle to put my fitness needs ahead of other obligations and responsibilities. How do I change my thinking to value exercising as much as time with my spouse, taking care of work duties etc.?

  13. carley Sherry says:

    According to my calculations, my future me would tell my present me to stop slashing the other three tires. just kidding.

  14. Wendy Foxley says:

    According to my calculations my post is not showing that I posted at 9:31 am. So I’m posting it again. If for some reason it posts twice just know I’m just kidding. 🙂

    Wendy Foxley says:
    April 10, 2019 at 9:31 am

    David your an awesome speaker. After you told your story you have made hopefully all of us see how you wake up everyday with Determination and I feel you go to bed with Satisfaction.

    I hope everyone sees after listening to this that slow progress is better than no progress.

    Thanks to David and also Thanks to Emily and Denise

  15. carley Sherry says:

    My struggle is to get back on the wagon when I fall off nutritionally and especially drinking water.

  16. Candice Gillett says:

    I agree with Becky’s comment, eliminate the first 7-8 minutes. One of my biggest struggles is eating healthy and eating the right portions. I eat a lot when I’m bored so I try to keep myself busy to help with that. It’s a daily struggle.

  17. Collette Shelley says:

    Thank you so much for your great Podcast.
    I really enjoyed the laughter and fun early this morning!
    David’s perseverance is very motivational.
    I feel like your life traumas guide you to your purpose.
    My insecurity’s keep me from my fitness goals.
    I am the one sitting on the beach fully covered .
    I am excited that David has a personal way off making people feel healthy and fit.

  18. Doug Lawes says:

    These two girls have too much fun @ work !!

  19. Alexis Weight says:

    This was a fun AND informative Podcast! I loved the “Would You Rather” moment at the beginning. I found David’s visualization idea really helpful in that you can apply that to many different areas of your life, and thought David was really motivating in general.

  20. Sam Lewman says:

    My biggest struggle is stress eating. I’ve been trying to think and stop myself before I eat my feelings. However, it is a constant struggle.

  21. Judy Robertson says:

    I like the thought: tie my emotion to it – look to the future me and how will I feel later about my action then.

  22. Wayco Bailey says:

    Interesting podcast. I’ve struggled with motivation in the past and I have found that exercising/dieting with someone that has similar goals helps a lot.

  23. Carissa Guijosa says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! It’s not always easy to focus on the long term benefits but you show its worth it. I also loved how you emphasized on how its important to focus on that long term goal WITHOUT BEING RECKLESS. Your weight loss tory was also a good reminder that there is no short cut to being healthy. Health is a way of life.

  24. Aaron Whitehead says:

    I thought that it was beneficial and motivational to listen to David and his story. I personally struggle with motivation and keeping a good schedule. I found that it helps me to have someone that has similar goals to me so that we can keep each other accountable. I did like how David talks about his “future self” and whether or not he would be proud of his decisions tomorrow. I will try to adopt this same thought process in my own life to help keep me motivated.

  25. Brian Moote says:

    I agree with the idea that every person has different genetics such that we all require different amounts of effort to achieve the same goal. It does come down to the individual and how much they want it. I’d add that this is a good thing to keep in mind when we see others who struggle, as we have no idea what their situation is. We all know a person who is as thin as a toothpick and while constantly overeating, and a person who can’t seem to slim down despite significant effort.

    The thought of talking to your future self is a good idea. I try to imagine how i’ll feel about past decisions, in the future, but never role-played it with my future self.

  26. Tanner Bickley says:

    I find it interesting what he shared about losing his 140 pounds at age 17 and starting his business. He said that people kept asking him what the secret was, as if there were some kind of shortcut to success. Ultimately you have to be willing to put in the work to be sustainably successful at anything. Otherwise, it is just as they say, “easy come, easy go.”

  27. Roy Lindhardt says:

    *In Yoda voice :-): Wish that I had talked with my future self last night before eating a couple of cookies I do. Trusting my inner feelings I do not.

    I really enjoyed this. I have talked with David before, he is very inspirational!

  28. Molly Gregersen says:

    Interesting insight. I hope our future selves are kind and understanding 🙂

  29. Robert Johnson says:

    I liked how he makes you understand that you need to stop and think about your actions in the moment and to weigh the consequences.

  30. Diana Bellows says:

    My struggle is my tendency to obsess about calories and my weight…I threw out my scale and made a deal with myself to aim to feel healthy, not to aim for a goal weight or a certain clothes size.

  31. Chris Remy says:

    I wish David would have talked more on lifestyle choices and finding activities that are right for people. He mentioned how he got anxiety from going to the gym and I’m sure other people are like that. There’s more to life than going to a gym and I think it needs be said that people should chose their own activity that they like to do.

    • Denise Carter says:

      Chris, I agree everyone has there own journey. I’m like you and the gym is not always where I end up. I love the outdoors skiing or hiking up mountains. But keep in mind that the podcast was based on his life and business journey. So the gym is where his passion lied.

  32. Michael Jensen says:

    I was really impressed with the way Kyle partnered with David. When working on projects and business ventures I hope to be a Kyle and give credit where credit is due. The overall take away for me was, success requires hard work and some circumstantial luck.

  33. Katie Stratton says:

    A couple of years ago I made a decision that I needed to gain some control of my life. I realized that the one thing I can control is me. I realized that nobody forced me to eat badly or not workout and that I could not blame anyone else but me. That mindset changed me and became my motivation to feel better and focus on a becoming a person I was happy with.

    • Denise Carter says:

      Katie, I’m so proud of you. I’ve watched you during this journey, and you’re right its a mindset shift. I love what you said, “becoming a person you could be happy with.” You have truly inspired me.

  34. Vanitta Conrad says:

    My biggest challenge is staying focused and motivated after I’ve “stumbled” in my journey. Thanks for the reminder that having a goal, staying focused and working hard leads to success, even if we stumble along the way.

  35. Julie Brown says:

    Great advice.Looking forward to meeting everyone’s future self.

  36. Sharleen Peterson says:

    Very interesting.

    David has a wonderful speaking voice.

  37. LaRaine Fitch says:

    I enjoyed the podcast too!
    The struggles that David had and the way he went about to conquer his problem.
    In my younger years I could eat anything and not gain the weight. After my second child and a Hysterectomy that followed two years later. My weight was a Yo Yo. up and down the rest of my life.
    Weight watcher helped me get 50 lbs. off, and I was able to keep it off for two years. Up it went again. After another move back to Salt Lake I gained all what I lost. Diet Center help me get another 50 lbs off. After a 20 yr marriage, failed I gained my weight back again. I am a stress eater and with a lot of responsiblities I get motivated easily but cannot stay strong long.
    I want to not have a stroke or blood clots and know, Exercising and careful eating habits it the only way to a healthy life.
    But I am with Amanda or Debbie, knowing if keto diet is right, Vegan, or small meals and healthy snacking is the best. I start good, and have been writing down what I eat and try to calculate each day what I will eat each day. Sometimes, I am real good. Other times I impulse snack when I am tired or board.
    I did, and do get a lot of insight from all of your guidance and motivations.
    It helps constantly to push myself in the right direction.
    I loved Davids example of his story. And how he went out to help others!

  38. Diana McCashland says:

    I enjoyed the podcast! I find that I am very motivated at first when I enter in a weight loss program. I then loose steam and finally go back to my old ways. I know I need to make life style changes. It’s just really hard. But I will keep trying and hopefully at some point it will stick!

  39. Kelly Adams says:

    Great motivation to step it up! Thanks

  40. Carleen Walker says:

    I liked the podcast. If you don’t succeed at first pick yourself up and make a new plan. I also was the fat kid growing up and i have been self conscious all my life…i need to tell my future self get a plan and move forward and don;t worry what other say about you.

  41. Kaylene Anderson says:

    Long lasting goals really do take time and a lot of effort. I like the concept of tying emotion to the decision and thinking about my future self in the moment. I laughed out loud at the flat tire analogy—I slash the other 3 tires all the time:)

  42. Paul Conrad says:

    Good message. Hearing what he has overcome is inspiring and shows that with work, it can be done.

  43. Scott Foster says:

    Enjoyed the podcast. Love hearing inspiring stories.

  44. Kathy Romero says:

    It’s hard to stay committed when you look at the goal so far down the road when there is so much weight to lose. I have to look at little accomplishments and take little steps and reward myself for the small weight loss accomplished. I make a 3 weeks goal and strive for the goals within the month vs looking that it will probably take over a year to get where I want to be.

  45. Kory Luczak says:

    Always good to hear stories of people not being defeated by challenges. Positive perspective can help with motivation. I think one key is trying to consistently maintain that long term.

  46. Daniele Youngblood says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! Like many people, I struggle with sustaining the motivation to continue with a regular workout routine. I start out strong, then life gets in the way.

    • Denise Carter says:

      Daniele, My advice is to keep your workouts short in the beginning. Commit to doing 10 to 20 minutes 4 to 5 days a week. Once you create the habit, you can add from those points. Don’t make your workouts super intense in the beginning; do activities you enjoy. It’s much easier to stick with something if you create the habit first and then build from that point.

  47. Nicole Collett says:

    Enjoyed listening! I really appreciate David’s outlook, it’s very real world. I think it’s important to let go of the need to be perfect!

    • Denise Carter says:

      Nicole, The pressure to be perfect nowadays is overwhelming. It’s something I have to work on every day, especially being in the wellness business. I agree with you; it’s not about being perfect; it’s about being healthy and happy.

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