Design Your Vision With Clarity

July 12, 2019


15 responses to “Design Your Vision With Clarity”

  1. Amanda Lancaster says:

    I’ve never actually written down my vision for how I want my year to go. I’m going to start by writing it down and sharing my vision with my family.

  2. Diana Bellows says:

    I need to look into finding a group of like minded people who I can socialize with.

  3. Scott Foster says:

    I need to decide on a vision, write it down and chase out negative thoughts that prevent me from doing things.

  4. Roy Lindhardt says:

    A vision is something that I think quite often seems cliche to the human mind, trying to come up with a way to write it down and share it with others is even more so, but I think I’m starting to get the real value in all that.

    Sharing with family always makes sense to me, so I think that will be my main course of action, to share my vision with my family.

  5. Monilee Pearson Conrad says:

    I am going to try to visualize my goals so they can become reality.

  6. Roxanne Snell says:

    I am going to start with writing down my vision and displaying it where I can see it, so I can stay focused on it everyday.

  7. Judy Robertson says:

    I have always had a vision but never written them down. I would like to try doing your 5 steps.

  8. Aaron Whitehead says:

    I’m going to start by writing down my vision and my goals and placing them in an area I will always see them.

  9. Brandee Anderson says:

    I actually recently started a “Start Today Journal” and write down 5 things I’m grateful for, 10 dreams I am going to make happen and 1 goal I am focusing all of my attention on for the day. It hasn’t been long and I feel so much more connected to my own life and less like I’m just floating through time. I love that you have this as part of Wellness Week! I’m updating my board now. 🙂

  10. Molly Gregersen says:

    Great ideas for ensuring you don’t lose sight of the big picture. I usually reflect at the end of the year and write some goals for the new year but I need to get better at re-evaluating and adjusting my plan more frequently.

  11. Peggy Rawlins says:

    Visualizing will help me focus on what I really want. A vision board would be very helpful to see it every day and focus my attention back to my goals.

    Thanks, Salus

  12. Kim Pankowski says:

    This is something that can be fun to do with my kids also!

  13. Candice Gillett says:

    A vision board is a great idea to work towards achieving my goals. I’m going to start by writing down my vision and my goals and looking at them daily and maybe this will help me focus on what I want.

  14. Robert Johnson says:

    Let my family know my goals to help me.

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