Eat More Bacteria

November 11, 2015

Our bodies host ten times more bacteria than cells, and there are more than 100 trillion bacteria on and within the body.   Weird right? Some of us might be experiencing the heebie-jeebies just thinking about this. However, bacteria play an important role in our overall well-being: Especially bacteria in the gut.

Here are a few reasons why gut bacteria is so important:

  1. Bacteria in the human body. The 100 trillion bacteria residing on and in our bodies are responsible for boosting immunity, synthesizing vitamins, and digested the food we consume. Gut bacteria are part of the reason our bodies are capable of assimilating and digesting food. Now, scientists are finding that some bacteria may influence things like behaviors, thoughts, emotion, and personality.
  2. Gut bacteria and its influence on the immune system. Researchers experimenting on mice have revealed that gut bacteria has a large effect on the functioning of the immune system. This research showed that when mice did not have well-developed bacteria in the gut, they were prone to illness and more likely to become seriously ill.
  3. Gut bacteria and your body weight. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, a large segment of this problem stems from lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Another issue may actually have to do with an imbalance in gut bacteria. Researchers have found that in thin animals and people, the microbiome is completely different than the microbiome in obese animals and people.   Let’s be clear, obesity stems from a number of variables as well such as genetics, lifestyle habits, etc. But this is certainly something to consider.

There are several other reasons to consume more bacteria-filled foods, but Salus feels this list alone is fairly persuading.  CLICK HERE for a list of foods that will super charge your gut bacteria.

One response to “Eat More Bacteria”

  1. Cali Jones says:

    I’m off to buy bananas, blueberries and beans!

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