Eat This, Not That

August 29, 2018

“To eat, or not to eat, that is the question.”

It can be so confusing at times! With such a variety of foods available and the many health claims on packages, how do you decide what foods are the best to keep you healthy?

At one of our recent corporate events we had the opportunity to hear from Harmons’ dietitian that taught us what to look for in different products to make better choices for you and your family.


First thing to look out for is SUGAR! Added sugar is obviously in candy, cake, soda, and fruit drinks. But it’s also in foods that aren’t considered sweets, including salad dressings, crackers, yogurt, bread, spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce, ketchup, and breakfast cereals.

You can find added sugar by looking at the ingredients in a product. Look for words ending in “ose,” such as fructose, dextrose, and maltose, and look for syrups and juices (see “The many names of added sugars”).

Second thing to look out for is health claims on food packaging. Just because it says whole wheat doesn’t mean it’s “whole.” Start by checking the ingredient list for the word ‘whole’ before the names of grains, and look for products that list a whole grain as the first ingredient, indicating that it contains more of this than any other ingredient.

Whole wheat will be listed as ‘whole’ wheat. If it just says ‘wheat’ flour, it’s white. Same goes for enriched wheat flour, unbleached wheat flour, and unbromated wheat flour – all are just white flour.

Here are some other helpful tips from our Harmons dietician: 

We hope this helps makes sense of those tricky food labels!


Denise & Emily

2 responses to “Eat This, Not That”

  1. Roy Lindhardt says:

    Good info! You have to be extra careful with the so called healthy foods it seems.

  2. Jody Wojtasek says:

    I enjoy this inforamtion, better aware of my sugars. Thanks so much.

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