Fight Your Cold and Flu Faster

January 2, 2019

So you’re sick, and you want to feel better fast!

While there’s no instant fix that will cure a cold or the flu, there are things that you can do to strengthen your immune system to repair more quickly, and even feel better while you do it.

Common colds are generally caused by a specific virus called the rhinovirus, and we all know that the flu is short for an influenza virus. That means when we’re sick, we’re usually fighting some type of virus.

First things first…

Reinforce Your Immune System

I actually take most of these supplements daily to keep me healthy and to give my immune system a kick.

Vitamin C: Some studies show that vitamin C can help you get over a cold faster (1). Take 400-600 mg a few times per day.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is a hormone that every cell and system in your body relies on, including your immune and digestive systems. Colds and the flu are most prevalent in winter and early spring, when people’s vitamin D levels are at their lowest. We suggest to take 2000-5000 IU per day.

Probiotic: The ultimate gut health booster, a high-quality probiotic will help maintain the good balance of healthy gut bacteria in your digestive system. Probiotics—specifically Lactobacillus GG—are even given to children in pediatric facilities in developing countries to reduce the risk of infections. Take a high-quality probiotic once or twice per day. You’ll thank me for this!

Zinc: Some studies show that zinc can help you get over cold symptoms faster. I like to use a zinc lozenge..seems to help soothe my throat in the interim.

Eliminate Processed Sugars and Highly-Processed Foods.. no kidding!

Can anybody say, holiday detox? Yes, I’m talking to myself, I seriously need a detox from the holiday sugar binge. Well guess what, It’s even more important when you’re sick. Processed sugars and highly-processed foods like, ice cream, soda, fast-food etc compromise the lining and health of your digestive system thus can weaken your immune system.

Get some Sleep! 
I know… Captain Obvious here. Your body can’t heal unless you rest. Staying up late to finish a project will just prolong the sickness. Get as much sleep as possible to allow your body to heal more efficiently.


With cold and flu season upon us, we hope this helps you get back to feeling better soon!


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