Finish What You Started

February 19, 2019

Week 1: “Bring on all the goals, I got the eye of the tiger!”

Week 2: “Nah, maybe next year”

We all start projects, challenges and goals that we fall out of after only a few weeks or days even. (Been there!).. it’s completely normal. Life is demanding to say the least.

Truth talk, juggling life requires attention, dedication and commitment. Afterall, you’re only human and we all fall short. The following quote serves as a reminder of the importance of the bigger picture: “Don’t sweat the small stuff, because in the end it’s only small stuff.”

The following tips help me stay strong, committed and courageous so that I can ultimately finish what I’ve started.

Stop being a perfectionist: If you’ve slipped up, then begin again. Start back up tomorrow and leave the past behind you.

Be accountable to someone: Being accountable may also entail making declarations of your commitment to those close to you. You might verbally or in writing, declare your intention to achieve a certain goal by a specific date. We’re likely to stay focussed on the task at hand since we don’t want to disappoint others.

Focus on the smaller victories:Focussing on smaller victories along the way gives you the self confidence you need to forge ahead. It is self empowering and testament you’re on the right path. You might stumble upon setbacks along the way during the pursuit of smaller goals.

Remember- Successful people are unrelenting toward the pursuit of their goal. Sure they experience setbacks and failures like everyone else. What sets them apart is the ability to get back on track and learn from their mistakes immediately. It’s the ability to do this time and time again until they gain the prize that sets them apart.

Call to Action

Invite a new goal into your life or finish one you started. Discover the reason for pursuing your goal. Why do you want it? Who will you become once you’ve attained it? What will life look like when you’ve reached your goal?


How do you stay motivated to finish what you’ve started? Leave a comment and tell us your secret. Better yet, share your goal so you are accountable!

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