Five Ways to Break Through a Plateau

October 9, 2015

A weight loss plateau occurs when your body, although you are continuing to eat well and exercise, does not drop weight for a period of time. This is mostly likely to occur after your initial weight loss; your body doesn’t want to lose weight, so it becomes more difficult. After eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and losing weight consistently, nothing is more frustrating than hitting a plateau. However, a plateau is not a permanent state. Try some of these suggestions to spark your weight loss again:

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The truth is it’s normal for your weight to ebb and flow, so don’t panic if you see slight ups and downs. Rather than getting caught up in the numbers try to focus on how you feel. If you’re consistent you’ll continue moving in the right direction.

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3 responses to “Five Ways to Break Through a Plateau”

  1. Bill says:

    The first suggestion is “eat more,” and the second is “eat less.” Please explain.

  2. Cali Jones says:

    Yes, how do we know if we should eat more or less? Or does it matter which? Changing the exercise routine and drinking more water are both things I can do though.

  3. Denise Carter says:

    Eat Less: 90% of all weight loss plateaus are related to eating more calories than what is recommend. As you lose weight you will need to make adjustments to the total calories consumed based on weight loss. Your daily calorie intake should reflect your current weight.

    Eat More: If an individual has been on a low calorie diet for a long period of time. (1000-1200) Not eating enough calories causes many metabolic changes. Your body is a smart machine and senses a large decrease in dietary energy. Your low calorie diet might work for a few days or even weeks. But eventually you will reach a plateau. Your goal should be to eat as many calories as possible and still lose weight.

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