Food Is Your Friend, Not Your Foe

October 16, 2015

Eating is a daily necessity for health and happiness; our bodies need food. Thankfully, we like food. A lot. But food can certainly be a fickle friend – bringing us feelings of connection and wholesomeness for some time, and then later making us feel bad about ourselves for reasons we didn’t catch early enough. It’s a familiar situation we can liken to a disagreement with a friend – where was the miscommunication and what do we do to forgive each other? Unfortunately, we are usually much more forgiving with others than we are with ourselves, so when it comes to making a “mistake” with our eating, we really struggle to move on. Food becomes the enemy, and a strong one at that, but this only damages our relationship with it. Just like a good friend, we want to build a productive and affirming relationship with food. Here’s how to make food your friend and not your foe:

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