Fructose Content in Fruit

November 28, 2011
By:  Maria
A frequent question I hear is; “Which fruit is better?”.
It’s a loaded question and the answer is quite complex when given the many variables that are attached to that question. 
Typically, that question is followed by my questions like; “Are you trying to lose weight…Are you an athlete concerned with performance and/or recovery….Are you dealing with a health issue…?”
Making a decision based on overall health, regardless of current goals/priorities seems a reasonable approach when deciding which fruit is “best”.
Fruit should have a positive impact on our health by 1.) Minimizing fructose and 2.) Minimize sugar.
Below is a chart that plots fruit in terms of their fructose/sugar percentages.  If we keep our fruit choices 1.) Seasonal and 2.) Low in fructose, you will be minimizing sugar loads and getting the most out of nutritional values.
Fructose content of selected fruits

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