Getting Your Body Summer Ready

May 6, 2020

First things first, we just want to say, all bodies are summer bodies! If you have a body and it’s summer, your body is summer ready. We just wanted to get that straight. And we really want to redefine what it means for your body to be summer ready.

It’s a pretty popular thing to hear nowadays. Usually when you hear someone’s body is summer ready you think….abs, a perfect tan, toned legs, etc. But to us, it means a lot of colorful + fun food for nutritional health, purposeful + fun movement for physical health, and creative + fun new hobbies for mental health.

Did we mention fun? Summer is made for fun. A lot of us have been stuck inside and pretty stationary lately and have felt unmotivated, even depressed. But summer is coming! And it’s going to be so fun!

So here are OUR tips on how to get summer ready, body and mind; 

Make a plan to get outside every single day! Make a plan to meal prep and to explore new foods. Make a plan to read a new book or to meditate every day. Make a plan, and then write that plan down and have someone to hold you accountable. As Antoine de Saint-Expury said, ”A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

We’re doing a big blog post on this topic later down the road because it’s so important! Normal journaling is amazing at lowering your stress levels and improves your mood. Health journals have these same benefits with the added advantage of holding yourself accountable for your goals, seeing your progress on paper, and getting to know yourself better as you start to notice the patterns of your own body + mind. This summer, start a health journal!

  • Start in the morning. 

 Exercising in the morning is very beneficial. You are less likely to get dehydrated in the hot summer months and you tend to be more motivated + likely to get things done early in morning as opposed to late at night or even in the afternoon. 

  • Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

We can’t stress this enough. Drink at least half of your body weight in oz. of water every day.

This recommended amount of water goes up if you are exercising or moving more frequently. Be sure to protect your skin against harmful UV rays too! Skin cancer isn’t cool.

Mixing up your workouts can prevent injury, build muscle in new places, keeps your brain healthy, helps you lose weight, and it keeps the fun in exercising to try new and different ways to move your body!

  • Stay balanced. 

 Staying balanced in health means making time not just for physical health but for mental, financial, emotional, financial, and intellectual health as well. Make time for yourself, make time for your body, make time for your relationships and enjoy the many benefits that come from living a balanced and healthy life. 

And lastly, this summer, embrace the summertime! Feel the warmth on your skin, eat lots new and nutritious foods. Get outside and PLAY. Do the things that make your body and mind feel GOOD!

And to get started, try out our #30daysallin challenge going on this month. You can sign up for it at http://saluslifestyles.com/all-in-challenge-2

 We would love to see pictures of you getting yourself summer ready! Don’t forget to tag us using #salustribe on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s support each other! If you loved this post leave a comment below! It would mean the world to the Salus Team! 

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