Go ahead, indulge

May 8, 2015

To indulge, is to let go of the restriction and rules you have placed around the food you eat.  It’s important to have a love and passion for food that isn’t associated with a diet. Learning to connect to color, flavor, smell, and indulge in the freedom of your enjoyment.


Friday Podcast: Denise Carter, CEO

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3 responses to “Go ahead, indulge”

  1. Scott says:

    Great article. Preparing your own meals lets you exercise creativity, and gives you healthy energy. Turning a weakness into a strength takes time an effort but is worth it.

  2. Roy Lindhardt says:

    Great podcast Denise! My goal is to savor my food more, no more rushing into and through it.

  3. Chandler Harding says:

    I have a huge issue with eating too fast, if i slow down i think i will be able to gage how full i am better, plus i can enjoy my food longer. Great podcast.

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