Guest Podcast With Ashley Stuart

July 10, 2019

Ashley Stuart is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Rethink Clutter. She empowers working parents, entrepreneurs and corporate teams to overcome unhealthy emotional attachments to “stuff” in order to get decluttered, organized, and increase productivity both in their homes and businesses!

Everything Ashley does is with the intent to “own her life instead of being owned by stuff,” and teach others to do the same through motivational speaking, virtual coaching, workshops, and in-home services.

Her unique Organizational Grid and 5 P’s of Productivity have helped many find a unique, personalized system of organization that can be repeated and duplicated to stay in control of “stuff!”


Thanks for joining us.

You can find Ashley at rethinkclutter.com or on Facebook at Facebook.com/rethinkclutter


Denise & Emily

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23 responses to “Guest Podcast With Ashley Stuart”

  1. Aaron Whitehead says:

    I really liked this podcast. I think the main takeaway that I got from it is to define my purpose and to develop a WHY to my actions.

  2. Monilee Pearson Conrad says:

    Own your own life.
    Don’t be owned by stuff.

    Great advice!

  3. Candice Gillett says:

    The podcast has great advice.
    I love the phrase, “own your life instead of being owned by stuff”

  4. Diana Bellows says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to do any of the 5 P’s in my department until everyone else retires…even if I just de-clutter my cubicle I get a lot of panicked questions as to whether I am happy here (I’m not cleaning *out* my desk, just cleaning my desk). LOL.

  5. Judy Robertson says:

    I also like the phrase “own your life instead of being owned by stuff”. As my parents got older 80’s and 90’s they had a hard time throwing things away since they lived during the great depression.

    I also like investing some of my time with family and myself.

  6. Roy Lindhardt says:

    A little bit like Marie Kondo, only more relatable and adjustable or flexable.

  7. Peggy Rawlins says:

    I love the idea of organizing my life so that I have more time for relationships. Also focusing on both the mental as well as the physical space. I think I am productive, but I know I can be much better if I invest some time to analyze by purpose, purge, plan a,prioritize.

  8. Kathy Romero says:

    When I stop to think about the 80/20 rule, it’s so true! I need to work on the given it your all 20% of the time, so that I am not drained when I go home to my son.

  9. Vermond Moran says:

    I also liked the phrase “Own your Life instead of Being owned by Stuff”.

  10. Roxanne Snell says:

    I loved the aspect of having a proper relationship with things, and investing our time into the relationship with others, instead of stuff ( which can/does hinder relationships with others).

  11. Gina Swensen says:

    I like the section discussed about purging. Allocating time to be more productive. Some good food for thought about the 80/20 rule.

  12. Brandee Anderson says:

    First, I love that Emily shared that she feels chubby when she wears socks. I died laughing. I’m with Denise, wet socks.

    Owning your life instead of being owned by stuff! INVEST in relationships including the one with yourself!

  13. Kim Pankowski says:

    This podcast was very insightful! I’m going to declutter my home using your advice asking myself what “purpose” each room has and getting rid of anything within that room that doesn’t fit that purpose. That is great advice!

  14. Doug Lawes says:

    Reminded me of Old style George Carlin’s ‘A place for my Stuff’

  15. Robert Johnson says:

    This podcast was just a short review of my Business class of Process and Project Management that I took last semester. One point I like is that it’s about the experiences with people not the objects. When decluttering I have to keep that in mind.

  16. Scott Foster says:

    Great subject. I know I need to work on the P’s, especially purpose.

  17. Molly Gregersen says:

    Insightful information. Life really seems to run smoother when things are well organized.

  18. Amanda Lancaster says:

    I loved how Ashley said that once you find your purpose you can take responsibility and I think this can apply to all aspects of life.

  19. Sharleen Peterson says:

    Very interesting, something to think about.

  20. Jody Wojtasek says:

    The emotional segment hit home. Empowerment hum! I will OWN IT starting now.

  21. Jody Wojtasek says:

    Awesome! poscast ! I am Responsible I am POWERFUL

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