Health Benefits Of A Walking Group At The Office.

June 17, 2015

Several studies have started to show that one of the easiest ways to boost health, morale and energy levels is to join a walking group at work.  Researchers at Britain University of East Anglia analyzed 42 peer reviewed studies of individuals who participated in organized walking (walks lasting less than one hour).   These studies involved over 2,000 people in 14 countries.

Small measurable gains were seen in general fitness, blood pressure, resting heart rate, lung power, cholesterol, body fat, and standard tests to measure depression.  Of those who joined a walking group, roughly 75% of participants stuck with it.  Walking groups are safe, effective, and have a wide-range of health benefits. 

Research evidence also shows that people tend to enjoy walking groups more than other forms of exercise.  This form of exercise holds more retention than almost any other form of physical fitness. Every day we see the positive impact this simple activity has on the several people who regularly take part in Walking for Health group walks.

Try scheduling a consistent walk with a few co-workers for the next couple of weeks, you only have something to gain from a mid-day stroll. 

2 responses to “Health Benefits Of A Walking Group At The Office.”

  1. Diane Burton says:

    How can we get Salus to talk to Sinclair about providing stand up desks for those who would like them??? I have been hearing much about the healthy benefits lately.

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