Health & Fitness During The Lockdown

May 15, 2020

Lockdown has pushed us to pause and reassess our lifestyle. The importance of being fit and healthy has never been so real, and this has led to a tremendous effort to fix components of our mental and physical wellbeing. Join Denise Carter on the podcast as she delivers a new perspective on your health and fitness at home.



A Daily Mantra

“If we knew how important we are, what might we change? If we knew that every interaction we had with others was special, how would we act? If we knew that every word we said mattered, what would we say? If we knew that our love was the source of healing, who might we love? If we knew there was a plan for us, what would it be? If we knew life meant more than this, what would it mean? If we knew that we all had the potential to be great, how might we help each other? If we knew how important we are, what might we change?”

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On the show, we discuss fitness, nutrition, and how to find a work life balance for the working professional. We interview other influencers and wellness pros that share powerful motivation and inspiration so you can hustle and achieve your goals! But most importantly we keep things real and we'll make you laugh so you can stay sane in the process.

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