Hot Topic, Inflammation

September 25, 2019

Think of inflammation as the body’s natural response to protect itself against harm. There are two types: acute and chronic. Acute occurs when you bang your knee or cut your finger and white blood cells surround and protect the area, creating visible redness and swelling.

But chronic inflammation can also occur in response to other unwanted substances in the body, such as toxins from cigarette smoke or an excess of fat cells.

Join us as we discuss the good and bad about inflammation and what you can do to protect yourself.


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One response to “Hot Topic, Inflammation”

  1. Heidi Corbell says:

    Loved the slogan “pee your way to health”. I think you should make t-shirts. I have a doctor that specifically treats me for inflammation i.e. arthritis and he said 1 serving of beans a day is healthy for inflammation. He also has advised me to stay away from coconut oil which is something you guys recommended. Just an FYI.

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