How Sleep Affects Your Appearance

November 6, 2019

It’s no mystery why everybody loves to sleep when it makes us feel amazing and ready to take on life! However, not all of us know why sleeping is essential to our health, and what we’re leaving on the table when we’re not getting enough of it. Here’s why you should prioritize giving your body the amount and quality of zzZzz’s it needs and natural solutions that can help you obtain it.

Sleep is quite literally “the reset switch” for nearly every process in our body to function at an optimal rate.

Dr. Wallace Vigo Nelson (CEO, M’lis)

Cellular Renewal: Sleep is the primary restorative activity that we take within our bodies and our health. On a molecular level, sleep is when the majority of our cellular renewal takes place. Cellular renewal is a term coining an optimization process that our bodies perform to cells that get old, slow, and need regeneration. The net effects of missing that cellular renewal are pretty much everything that we associate with aging.

Hormone Production: Most of our hormone production happens while we’re sleeping — especially the big ones. Men, if you’re concerned about your testosterone levels (which you should be, it’s essential for many facets of your health), know that most of its production happens while you sleep. Same with the human growth hormone (the “fountain of youth” hormone). When we aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t getting the proper release of the human growth hormone to help keep us looking and feeling young.

Memory & Mood: The mood-dictating brain chemistry that keeps you feeling positive, happy, and optimistic (all the things you want to feel) is created in large part when you sleep. Without adequate rest, you’re missing out on that vital brain chemistry production. Brain chemistry production isn’t the only brain function that takes place while you sleep. Your brain actually filters information from the day to create short-term and long-term memories. Without sufficient sleep, you’ll have a harder time learning and recalling new information.

Youthful Appearance: Restorative rest is a beauty product, and all of the external signs of aging creep in when we’re not getting enough, such as bags under the eyes and deeper wrinkles. People walk up to us and say, “you look tired.” Nobody wants to look tired! However, when our cells aren’t renewing as they should from a lack of sleep, those signs of aging begin to make their appearance.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

While there’s a lot of debate over this, many researchers have found that we might not need as much sleep as we once thought we did. Nonetheless, more than most people still aren’t getting enough of it. The old standard of sleep was always eight hours. Advanced sleep studies find that the best amount of sleep for the average person is in the seven to seven and a half hour range, not eight hours.

3 Active Ingredients to Help Boost Sleep:

Sleep Solution Products

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  1. Roxanne Snell says:

    Sleep is essential for me to function. I love my naps! I will have to remember this article about sleep when I am up at night with my infant! 🙂 I do notice a difference in my mood depending on the amount of sleep that I get and try to adjust my sleep to be in a happy mood most of the time!

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