How to be Totally Miserable

April 15, 2013

I read this great book by John Bytheway and wanted to share his wisdom.

It has been said that, in this life, suffering is mandatory, but misery is optional. We all have problems, but we also have a choice!
We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable.
If you want to be completely miserable then PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:

1. Believe that things will NEVER change. (Then do everything you can to prove your point).

2. Don’t do anything. Miserable people wallow. Happy people know that activity and depression are opposites.

3. Worry about things you CAN’T control.

4. Complain about your blessings. Don’t be grateful for what you have. Just focus on what you don’t have and make sure you let others know of your lack.

5. Think only about yourself! Happy people know that the key to being happy is making others so. Avoid this at all costs. Only think about others when comparing yourself to them. Take notice of all of the things they have that you don’t.

6. Relive your bad memories. No matter what don’t focus on your successes, happy moments or other great things in your life!

7. Blame everyone and everything! Be sure to focus on what a victim you are and do not take responsibility for anything. Blame everyone and everything for your situation.

8. Put yourself down. Be sure to use negative self-talk every chance you get. Focus on every weakness you have and never take a compliment.

9. Do Not Set Goals! Do not read anything informative, don’t listen to anything useful or do anything productive. Doing so may ruin your chance of being completely miserable.

10. Always want more. Don’t ever be satisfied or appreciative of what you have. Focus on all of the many things you want but don’t have.

There you have it! 10 things you can do to be totally miserable. Or you could do the exact opposite to be happy. The choice is yours! Make it a good one.

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