How To Burn More Calories On Your Walk

August 12, 2015

Walking is pretty great.  It’s free, and if done correctly can jumpstart and complement a regular fitness routine, maintain weight, and keep you active. 

Here are a few pointers to help you burn the maximum amount of calories on your walk. 

Engage the core.  There is no easier way to strengthen your abs than to engage them during your walks.  Draw your navel in and hold it (don’t forget to breathe!) This will also help you to maintain good posture.

Walk quickly.  In order to burn maximum calories, try and walk each mile in 15 minutes or less.  This might be a goal to work toward, and that is fine.  Regardless, step a little faster and you will receive more benefit.


Try walking in areas with inclines/declines through out your stroll.  You will burn more calories and offer the backs of your legs a better workout. 

Use your arms. 

Swinging your arms help you build up speed and propel yourself forward.  Just remember to keep your shoulder relaxed. 

Coach Mikalyn

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