How to Eat Fast Food

April 16, 2014

You have to get from one location to the next in 15 minutes and you haven’t eaten for the last 5 hours. Or your night is so packed with activities with family/friends there is no time to prepare something healthy.

We’ve all been there and we have all found ourselves in the drive thru of McDonalds and Wendys. I’m not writing this to guilt trip you- I’m writing this to tell you how to eat fast food in the healthiest way possible.

Salus Suggestions:

McDonalds: Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken
(290 calories, 8g fat, 27g protein)
Burger King: Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich (hold the mayo)
(360 calories, 6g fat, 36 g protein)
Taco Bell: Fresco Country Taco
(150 calories 7g fat)
Wendy’s: Apple pecan chicken salad
(330 calories, 30g protein)

Make careful menu selections- stay away from options with the following descriptions:

· Deep-fried
· Batter-dipped
· Breaded
· Cream sauce
* Choose “grilled” instead

Don’t be fooled by salads
While some salads can be a great option, many fast food salads are loaded with excess cheese, breaded/crispy chicken, and high-fat salad dressing. Go for salads that have minimal high-fat toppings and maximum vegetables. Also- ask for a balsamic dressing. It makes a huge difference.

Drink water with your meal.
Soda pop is a huge source of hidden calories. (One 32 oz soda contains about 425 calories.)

I hope this helps you make smarter decisions the next time you find yourself at the drive thru. =) 

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