How to Not Give a Crap

April 14, 2017
Learn the subtle art of not giving a…

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Giving a crap really just amounts to thinking about what happened. If someone was rude to you on the phone, and you think a lot about it, you are giving a crap. If you hang up and shrug and then go for a bike ride, then you are successfully not giving a crap.



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4 responses to “How to Not Give a Crap”

  1. Heidi Corbell says:

    Interesting topic but how do you really just “not give a crap”. I can understand the logic but personal pride in all things plays into a healthy lifestyle to a certain degree. There’s healthy focus and not so healthy focus on body and life image. Your example of the girl at the pool was probably something you should omit from this podcast. It’s very easy for someone with a beautiful body/looks to say what you do but much harder for those of us who have to work at it! Please be mindful of this…

    • Emily Borja says:


      Thank you for voicing your opinion. We appreciate and encourage feedback from our listeners. We also couldn’t agree more that personal pride plays into a healthy lifestyle, that is certain. We are simply referring to getting caught up in trivial matters such as fretting about a rude comment from a stranger or obsessing about a situation that hasn’t even occurred. To address your concern about the pool. Neither of the two of us have had it easy when speaking of body/size/weight. It is something that we both have struggled our whole lives to find balance. I have literally wasted precious time overly obsessing about what I look like in a bathing suit. There I was at the pool hiding under a towel, not swimming or playing with my children, with the fear that I didn’t look good in my swimming suit. Confidence and self-esteem is no respecter of persons. Regardless of shape or weight, what you were or were not born with…it simply doesn’t determine how high or low your self-esteem is. We are simply applauding the woman at the pool that didn’t “give a crap” what others thought she looked or was acting like. Her concern was having fun with her children, creating sweet memories and living in the moment. Sometimes “not giving a crap” means we get memories, we get to have fun and have the ability to live in the moment and that can be the healthiest action we ever take.

  2. Portia Dobbins says:

    I finally made the decision to stop spending time, money and energy on things that didn’t make me happy or improve my life. Part of the commitment was to stop caring or giving a “crap” about what others thought. I had to place more value and focus on what I felt was relevant to my life. Thanks for the great reminder! The more I practice, the easier it gets.

    • Emily Borja says:

      Portia, all I can say is BOOYAH!! Love the power in your statement of placing value and focus on what is relevant in your life, so that you can be happier. Thanks for your comment!

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