How Yoga Changed My Body

January 9, 2013

Many of us live day-to-day eating crappy food, drinking too much caffeine, overdosing on sugar, and we think that the way we feel is “normal”.  It is not normal.   We are so used to our bodies being sick so we do nothing to change.  But life isn’t about settling for a malnourished body and dying from high-cholesterol or type-two diabetes at an early age.  We need to stop settling for less than what we deserve.  You DESERVE to feel free in your body.  You deserve to play with friends, kids, and grandkids without fear of injuring yourself.  You deserve to feel healthy and light in your own skin.   So how do you get there?

My way is yoga.  Yoga teaches me how to be present with myself, provides meditation for the soul, and tunes me into my body.   The more I practice, the better acquainted I become with the foods that work for me and the foods that don’t.

Diet is not black and white.  Every body is different – explore yours.  Go to a yoga class; go to a yoga class every day for one week.  Eliminate foods and slowly introduce them back.  Don’t be reckless in what you consume.  Your body is one of the few things guaranteed to you in this lifetime- take care of it.


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