I Hate the Aging Process

December 7, 2010
I’m getting older, and this fact is thrown in my face every time I ‘forget’. 
I love my coffee…LOVE it.  I look forward to it every day, and every once in a while, I spoil myself a bit with something delicious from Starbucks.  So, a couple weeks ago, I decided to head for the drive-through window and order one of my favorite treats.  I had a busy day ahead, and it was going to be the perfect way to start.  I paid for my coffee and drove away to enjoy my day.  I ran a few errands, and headed to my mom’s to help bake some pies for Thanksgiving.  Later that evening, I picked up my girls, and we started the drive home.  On the way, something struck me; I couldn’t remember enjoying that warm cup of deliciousness earlier.  Yes, I had paid for it…but that was all.
How does that happen?  How is it that, despite my excitement for a cup of coffee, I gave a Starbuck’s employee $5…then promptly drove away without anything to show for it?  And how is it that it took me several hours to come to that realization?  Surely, I should have heard the laughter of the Starbuck’s staff from miles away, but no.  Maybe my hearing is going, too.   

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