Identifying and Preventing Burnout

April 5, 2021

The current political climate is stressful, there’s still uncertainty about what life will look like a month from now or a year from now, and we are still trying to adjust to this new normal! A lot of us are possibly experiencing mental fatigue, stress, or tension.

These are all symptoms of burnout. A relatively new phrase coined in the 1970s by an American psychologist, burnout is feeling mentally and physically exhausted. It takes the joy out of everything: your friendships, career, hobbies. Burnout is caused by continued stress such as working long hours, upsetting news to politics, or family problems. Burnout is hard to catch, but if you’re starting to feel anxious going to work, experiencing exhaustion, or are feeling less capable, you are showing signs of burnout.

Signs from burnout can also include alienation from work-related activities, chronic stress, headaches, stomachaches, emotional exhaustion, and reduced performance.

Burnout can often stem from your job, but anyone who feels overworked and undervalued is at risk of burnout!

So how do we deal with burnout? 

Recognize the problem. 

A lot of us don’t even know we are struggling from burnout! Watch for the warning signs of constant stress and exhaustion. Take time to check in with yourself on a regular basis, ensuring that you have the support that you need and you aren’t overwhelmed. 

Turn to others. 

The next step is to turn to other people! When you’re burned out, your problems seem too big for you to handle, there appears to be no hope for the future, and it’s hard to have the energy to care. But not all hope is lost! Connection is the best antidote for stress, and having a friend to listen to you can help calm your nerves and relieve your stress. The person doesn’t have to be able to fix anything, just someone who will listening without expressing judgement. 

Limit your contact with negative people. 

Being around others who are always dragging you down won’t help your own mood or outlook. Try to spend time with those who are positive and respect you and your boundaries. 

Reframe the way that you work.

This can be done by finding balance in your work, and life are crucial in preventing burnout. Allow yourself sufficient time to spend with family or on a new hobby. Try to find new value in your work or focus on the aspects of your job that you do enjoy! Try making new friends at work or take some time off to recharge your batteries and start your recovery.

Set boundaries.

technology, especially if social media or the news tend to put you in a sour mood. Boundaries aren’t just for toxic people. They’re also for work, technology, and sleep. Ensure you are getting plenty of sleep every night and set aside some relaxation time for yourself, such as yoga or mediation. Take a break from 

Nourish your creative side.

Trying something new can help ease you out of your burnout. Start something new or resume a favorite hobby of yours. Make sure it has nothing to do with work or whatever is causing you to stress, and allow your creative juices to flow!

Exercise regularly.

Exercise seems to be the solution to every problem, and that’s because it really is! Even though it may feel like the last thing you have the energy to do when you’re burned out, exercise can invigorate you and boost your mood. Make exercise fun and not a task on your to-do list by choosing movement that you love, such as biking, dancing, swimming, etc. 


Continual stress and tension can cause burnout in us, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about having feelings of exhaustion or anxiety. Regular exercise, proper boundaries, and support from friends and family can help us when we are in this stressed state. Small self-care gestures like talking to a friend or taking a nice bath can also help us to prevent stress from turning into burnout. 

How do you manage your stress? Tell us in the comments! And if you ever need any support, we’re always here for you.

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